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Online Tutoring

We help our students to unleash their potential by providing interactive classes and personal attention. Our study material is succinct, and comprises hundreds of unique questions. Our tutors platform offers live classes! We also support several e-learning companies on their Q&A platform. 


Alt Text

Our experts write precise, yet detailed description of the illustrations so as to maximize accessibility for the differently abled, strictly adhering to our client's guidelines. Detailed alt text helps to reach a wider audience and capture a larger market share. Increase the reach of your content now 


Test Prep

Our experts have professional teaching backgrounds and are well aware of the nitigrities involved in preparing assessments aligned with the curriculum. Our prep material evaluates the students' understanding of the subject and is a simulation of the real exam. Upgrade your assessment strategy now! 

Business Office Meeting


We provide the best faculty to help students to not only in making college assignments but also provide the online classes related to the Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and so on. 

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Leadership Development

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Retention of top talent

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Digital Transformation

How Chachan Engineering Solutions works

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Tailor solutions to your company's goals.

Analysis of individual and company needs, detailed goals set at company and individual level, coach matching based on goals assessment and individual profiles.

Receive app-based coaching and e-learning

Video coaching sessions, microlearning and Micro Tasks, personalized e-learning modules from MIT and other leading partners

Track progress through analytics dashboards

Coaching and assessment data, feedback interviews, 360-degree feedback, learning framework analysis, pre- and post-evaluations.

Our Methodology

At Chachan Engineering Solutions, we ensure that every bit of our client’s requirements is fulfilled, and we believe in a delightful client experience. We promise quality.

Observe the input provided by the client very thoroughly.

Understand the requirement.

Tactful drafting.

Precision assurance by thorough reviews. 

Uniqueness of content. ZERO tolerance policy toward plagiarism.

Timely delivery with frequent follow-ups.

Chachan Engineering Solutions implies “Quality Assurance”, and we aim to provide exceptional quality services at the most cost-effective price across the industry.  

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The courses Chachan Engineering Solutions offers you

Our user engagement in numbers


of coaching sessions are used in an average Chachan Solutions program


of coaching sessions are used in an average Chachan Solutions program

Just like we do for our users, we take a data-driven approach to our own growth and development.


more learners, compared to traditional coaching programs


administrative work hours saved

Electronics Assignments